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Schools Multi-Sports

More choice for your pupils

Multi-Sports offers a variety of activities and opportunities to help your pupils become more active individuals. Our sessions will take place on your site and will be delivered by our qualified coaches.

We offer sessions in:

  • Single sports such as hockey, badminton, dodgeball, and many others.
  • Series of sports, giving your pupils a taste of something new every few weeks, across the term.

Developing physical literacy

Research has shown that children who are more physically literate are more likely to be active. Therefore, these children are also more likely to experience the benefits of a physically active lifestyle.

Our Multi-Sports sessions focus on developing fundamental movement skills (FMS) which are essential to physical literacy and competency in sport.


Positive experiences in sport are key to developing a life-long relationship with physical activity

Offering a diverse range of sports opportunities encourages a greater number of pupils to be regularly engaged in a form of physical activity that they enjoy.

By broadening the range of sports your school offers, we can help you to meet a key criterion of the PESS premium.

Interested in Multi-Sports for your school?

Contact us to see how we can work together to meet your requirements.