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Pupils’ maths performance in KS2 is closely linked to their eventual GCSE result:

In fact, this connection between KS2 and GCSE performance is stronger in maths than in other subjects. When it comes to trying to catch up with their peers by age 16, those who are behind in maths in primary school will find it harder than those who are behind in other subjects. 

We know that pandemic-related learning loss in maths was higher than in other subjects.

And so, it’s vital that action is taken to improve children’s understanding and confidence in maths to support both their present and future success.

One programme that is proven to increase pupils’ understanding and confidence in maths is Maths on the Move (MOTM).

7,752 children took part in MOTM last year and this was the impact:



If you would like to know more about the research conducted on MOTM or would like to see how it could work for your school, you can find more details at or contact us on:

01462 374049 and and our team of experts can discuss your options.